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Our program focuses on the process and journey of the student. We teach the fundamentals of acting and improv. We help each student develop their skill set and tool kit – in a safe and fun environment! Moreover, we personalize each class for each student, so that our students walk away with an elevated version of themselves.


The skills we teach can be used on stage, in film and in real life.   

Specifically, we train students according to the Drama and Speech syllabus of the Trinity College London, which incorporates:


  • Method acting technique

  • Breathing and voice exercises

  • Memorization and recitation of poetry, prose and plays

  • Improvisation

  • Directing techniques

  • Literary appreciation (including Shakespeare)

  • Theater games

  • Movement and voice


Week after week, our students learn how to stand up with confidence and perform in front of their peers. They also learn how to read familiar and unfamiliar text passages with understanding and expression, so that their listener remains engaged and interested at all times. Through regular improvisation and theater games, our students learn how to collaborate with teams and develop leadership skills. Above all, our students learn how to think creatively and communicate effectively.


Our program is suitable for students ages 7-18 at any stage in their development cycle– from talented actors to those students who are anxious about speaking in public. 

WHEN: Group classes will be held for one hour every week on either Thursdays, Fridays and/or Saturdays, grouped by ages 7-10 yrs, 11-13 yrs and 14+. Focus areas are acting/drama or musical theatre. 

WHERE: Classes will be held in Scarsdale, at 133 Popham Road. 

To discuss and assess fit, call/text 212 452 1722; email, or fill out the short form under Register


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